Social Media Management

Complete management and creative service for your business's social channels.

Us here at Support on the Spot manage Social Media Marketing for lots of different companies. We do the whole thing from start to finish in order to ensure our clients can focus on their business. This saves a lot of precious time and from feedback, we have found people find it extremely helpful!

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Actually finding the time in a busy working day to create high quality social media posts can be very challenging, especially considering this is a daily task. You may find you need to shift your attention to another sector of your business and are neglecting this very important factor. That is where we, Support on The Spot, come in! Our team not only work hard to create the perfect posts, but they can also work with you to create useful and realistic Social Media business plans and strategies, ensuring these are achieved.

Why is Social Media important for your business

Support on the Spot offers managed social media marketing to help business owners like yourself establish and grow a strong presence on social media, so you gain sales, reach more potential customers and save precious time every day!

Companies we work with

One of our clients we work very closely with is Selective Recruitment. By managing their Social Media we ensure we design job cards, then we upload these to the best suited social media platforms based on the target audience and schedule them for an appropriate time. This works well and ends up saving Selective Recruitment time, therefore they can focus on other things.

We love having a good connection with our clients, we ensure communication levels are outstanding in order to help and produce work that leaves clients satisfied. We enjoy watching our clients grow and expand over time and helping them every step of the way. We make sure we act upon any feedback given to us as we really appreciate it!