Security Software from Support on the Spot

Support on the Spot in conjunction with Malwarebytes provides our strongest protection ever. It fights threats that anti-virus software isn’t advanced enough to stop.

All threats are removed including worms, rogues, diallers, Trojans, rootkits, spyware, exploits, bots, and other malware. Work online knowing you are secure and with no need to worry.

No other solution fills the role of Malwarebytes. Some companies rely primarily on their traditional anti-virus solutions, but we look to ensure a completely secure system with the use of strong systems and of course, Malwarebytes.

Why we use Malwarebytes

Support on the Spot prides itself on providing clients with quality IT support and hosting services that address our clients’ every technology requirement and enables their business growth.

When one of our clients got hit by WannaCry ransom-ware, Support on the Spot decided it was time to look for an effective endpoint protection service. The issues we wanted to ensure we could overcome:

Reasons for choosing Malwarebytes

In addition to an endpoint security solution that stops ransom-ware attacks, Support on the Spot needed a reliable solution to offer our clients—one that would give them confidence that their clients were receiving superior protection. Support on the Spot selected Malwarebytes for the following reasons:

  • Broad operating system support: Malwarebytes’ broad OS coverage allows Support on the Spot to universally recommend the solution across diverse client environments
  • Ransom-ware protection: Multiple detection techniques, including ransom-ware rollback, allows Support on the Spot to offer clients strong protection against the latest threats
  • Simple deployment: Trouble-free deployments make it easy for Support on the Spot clients to clients up and running and saves a significant amount of time

With Malwarebytes, we feel confident as a business that we can deliver on our quality of service standards, and we pass on that confidence to our customers.

Malwarebytes Case Study

Malwarebytes enabled us to deliver ransomeware protection and support our client's productivity and growth safely. 

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