Managed Print Services with Sharp...

Sharp Managed Print Services in partnership with Support on the Spot are a portfolio of print services that’s designed to make document workflows more effective and less expensive by giving you affordable access to the specialist print management skills that you don’t have in-house.

At one level, they bring immediate cost savings of up to 30%*. But that’s just the start. Our Managed Print Services go beyond simple cost models to bring new efficiencies to every task from the second you click on ‘print’, ‘scan’ or ‘copy’, to the moment you collect, distribute or store the finished document.
*Source; Gartner 2013 “Active Print Management Initiatives Can Cut Your Office Print Costs by 10% to 30%”

Bespoke Print Services

Although every business is different, our print services experts know that everyone can work more effectively if they have quick and easy access to the equipment that best fulfils their printing, scanning, copying and document management needs, and when the user experience is a positive one.

So as well as analysing how much you’re spending on print, we’ll look much deeper into how you actually work with documents. We’ll determine whether there are any printers or

Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs) that are either under-used (limiting the return on investment) or over-used (which reduces reliability). We’ll advise you if they are fit for purpose. And we’ll discover who is using your printers, for what purpose, and how much waste there is.

All these issues and others will be examined so that we can tailor a Managed Print Service that will deliver instant wins as well as leaving you fit for the future.

Choosing the right model...

Before selecting which printer or printers you’ll need, you’ll want to consider what jobs you’re likely to be tasked with and what production print you need in-house.

Support on the Spot will work with you and our partners at Sharp to ensure you get all of the necessary hardware and connectivity you require to make printing an easy part of your daily routine.

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