Data Storage with Support on the Spot

Data Storage with Microsoft

As Microsoft Silver partners, we work with you to utilise their powerful and highly effective OneDrive and SharePoint systems to provide data storage.

They aid business performance providing:

The flexibility and power provided by these systems all boost performance of employees. Security during transit of data is paramount with best-in-class encryption, at disk level, from Microsoft built in.

Data Transit and Support

We are willing to work with you your organisation no matter what Data Storage option they currently use. We can support all Data Storage solutions available such as;

• Google Drive
• Older Microsoft Systems
• Physical / Local Storage
• iCloud

As Microsoft partners would always favour OneDrive and SharePoint as we can provide full support for these systems and can aid you in transitioning over to these if it deemed the best option for you.

£ 8.7 billion

Did you know? £8.7 billion was spent on Cloud storage in 2020 in the UK alone. It is popular due to its scalability, performance, speed and ease of access no matter where you are based.