Live Customer Service Chatbots and Chat!

Would you like Live Customer Service Chatbots and Chat for your website? We are very happy to reveal that we can now offer live customer service chatbots to our customers. Chatbots and Live Customer Chat comes with a lot of great benefits and features.

What is a customer service Chatbot? A Customer Service Chatbot is software that simulates human communication via text chats in order to help businesses answer questions and requests. 

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Chatbots are programmed to assist website visitors and provide exceptional customer service. They easily recognise common speech triggers of visitors on different stages of their journey and are able to provide relevant information on demand.

Live Customer Service Chatbots and Chat

Thanks to the Live Chat software, business owners and customers can connect in real time. Live Chat offers the fastest and easiest way to support your website visitors. To help connect with your customers through the live chat, you download a mobile app on your phone. 

You can also download an app for your computer so you can connect with your customers from your desktop, you can also connect from your web browser and never miss a chance to connect with customers. All of this will help avoid the loss of leads and improve customer support.


45% of website visitors prefer live chat to other contact channels



 Average order value on websites with live chat is 10% higher than those without it


 Websites with live chat report up to 40% boost in conversation rates

Chatbot Features And Benefits

Image shows chatbot interaction through a persons phone via Live Customer Service Chatbots and Chat

There are a number of benefits with adding a Chatbot and Live Chat to your website, here are just a few of them:

 Customer Satisfaction

With artificial intelligence becoming more and more advanced, bots are becoming exceptionally fast learners. An AI bot is able to collect relevant data about customers and use it for improving customer satisfaction.

Personalised and targeted support combined with fast response times and low wait times is a sure way to generate more leads and improve the overall user experience.

24/7 Availability

 Modern-day customers are busy and demanding, wanting to get answers to their questions immediately. And they have every right to do so! 

The good news is that, unlike unlike a human support team, bots do not have to sleep-they are available 24/7 and send instant replies to customer questions. Such efficient communication is a sure way to convert website visitors into paying customers.

Multilingual Support

In our modern world, breaking down the language barriers is as important as ever. According to statistics, 75% of customers prefer to shop in their own language. 

And nobody wants to lose potential customers because of frictions in customer interactions. 

AI Customer Service Chatbots running on NLP (natural language processing) standards are able to easily understand different languages and respond to visitors accordingly. 

Better Branding

Every business wants to stand out from its competitors, and support Chatbots are great helpers in this venture. 

Well-designed bots make your brand more human and give people a feeling they are engaging with someone more than simply just a robot. Adding a bit of personality to a bot is a sure way to attract more visitors to have a chat with your bot. 

In fact a Chatbot personality study revealed that as many as 53% of consumers build positive associations around brands whose bots use quick-witted comebacks. 

By knowing what the customer needs and how to provide it to them, a Customer Service Bot can take your brand to the next level.

Image shows chat bot on a computer screen surrounded by benefits of a chatbot for Live Customer Service Chatbots and Chat

Other Features

It doesn’t matter what platform your website operates on –  Shopify, Wix, WordPress,  WooCommerce or any major CMS. There are plenty of solutions available for you to choose from. A Chatbot and Live Chat can be added into new or existing websites. 

Whats more, a chatbot doesn’t have to be present only on your website – there are Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram Chatbots that can help you stay in touch with your customer at all times.

Other benefits include:

  1. More generated leads
  2. Increased sales
  3. Saved costs
  4. Improved customer engagement
  5. Better marketing
  6. Decreased bounce rate
  7. Better customer insights
  8. Recruitment support available
  9. 24/7 availability
  10. Better user experience
  11. Multilingual support
  12. Better personalisation
  13. Easier checkout
  14. Proactive customer service
  15. Faster response time
  16. Multichannel

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