Ways to stay focused at work

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating at work and not completing tasks as quickly as you would like? As there are so many things competing for your attention on a daily basis, learning to stay focused requires time, commitment and effort. Once you learn how to not get distracted throughout the day, you will notice a dramatic difference in the quality and quantity of your work as well as your mood and time management. Staying focused while at work is actually in fact just a matter of building good habits. 

  • Work in 60-90-minute blocksNot only is this beneficial for your eyesight as most work revolves around some sort of screening but this also helps remaining focused. As we work, our alertness drops off, increasing the lure of distractions so by taking a short break every now and then actually resets our focus.
  • Turn off the world. As you can probably imagine the biggest distractions are mobile phones and social media. You can set up a system for urgent calls/messages to reach you however try and switch off your phone. You could also try and find a quiet place to work if you are easily distracted by others.
  • Schedule distractions This may contradict the previous point but in actual fact distractions are not always a bad thing. As long as you manage them well and use them as a reward after completing something they actually work really well.
  • Set clear goals Make a list of your top priorities for each week. Then each day you can set tasks based on urgency and tick them off as you go. Being able to tick tasks off enables you to feel like you have accomplished something.
  • Pay attention to yourself. The human body is very clever. If you are hungry, tired or bored it will tell you. The important thing is noticing how and when you get distracted. Give your body what it needs to function then carry on.
  • Practice not being distracted. Everyone is different when it comes to distractions. Try and find something that works best for you. Meditation is proven to be a very effective way as it is just you and your thoughts. Some people find listening to music or podcasts help as well. On lunch breaks try to avoid screens. Instead perhaps read a newspaper or book.