Interview with Phoebe Fiori

As part of our IT Support month we wanted to introduce you to one of our IT Technicians, Phoebe Fiori. 

Phoebe will be able to explain to you what she does on a day to day basis at work and any challenges she may face. 

Phoebe is a great asset to our team and we are all extremely grateful for her continuous hard work and positivity. 

Check out the Interview with Phoebe now!

2 Replies to “Interview with Phoebe Fiori”

  1. Rupinder Drew 5 months ago

    Hi Phoebe, I liked some of the insights you shared in this interview – particularly how you felt about being treated differently because of your gender. I wondered if you might be interested in doing a Teams call with some of our IT students and speaking a bit more about your role as an IT technician? I also want to set up a women in tech society for our female students and think you’d be really inspiring :). Many Thanks Rupinder

    1. Hi Rupinder,

      I apologise, I’ve only just been made aware of this reply.
      That sounds great, I would love to. If this opportunity is still available, is there an email I could contact you directly on, maybe we could talk about this more?


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