3 Reasons why you should start using Microsoft Teams today

Collaboration and teamwork are at the centre of the modern workplace.

Since it’s release, Microsoft Teams has become the fastest growing app in MS history, with thousands of companies worldwide making us of it as a brilliant resource.

  1. Chatting is just one of it’s uses

While the innovative Teams interface does allow you to have quick conversations with your colleagues on any device, it is not the only thing this app can do.

Need to share a file? Just attached it in a one-to-one or group chat. Then call your colleague and discuss the file straight from the window, with multi-edit enabled. Or schedule a better time for your meeting without leaving the chat.

2. Collaboration and communication at it’s heart

Thanks to the tight integration with Office 365, you don’t need to switch apps when you need to collaborate on a document. You can make use of your normal office package programs, all from the ease of your teams app – without flicking.

No more sending out different versions through email of your documents, you can now add comments and to-dos or even chat with your coworkers right there.

5. Stay connected, no matter where you are.

In the 21st century, being on the move is the new ‘norm’ and your tech life needs to keep up with that – thanks to Microsoft Teams, it can. With the teams phone app, you have immediate access to all your apps and documents. You can easily respond to chats and conversations, or even join meetings on the go.

With the power of MS Teams, there’s no reason for you to be out of the loop.

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